Coaching for Success


Dr Timothy Donnett introduces you to the module (0:49). Transcript

Hi and welcome to Coaching for Success. This module is split into three distinct sections. So the first is to talk about what is this thing called coaching and why would we want to have coaching in a work integrated learning experience. The second focuses on introducing you to a formal coaching model, the eFIRE model and the third starts to get more structured activities and experiences to help you apply that model in a practical setting to help you to develop experience in coaching before you actually walk into a work integrated learning experience.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is an opportunity for students to become self-reliant, satisfied, confident members of a team, able to solve problems and take responsibility for their actions. In this module we will explore how coaching can help the student and WIL partner make the most of this opportunity.

  • In topic 1, we will look at examples of coaching and identify what makes it different to supervising and mentoring.
  • In topic 2, you will prepare for a coaching conversation using the eFIRE model to guide you.
  • In topic 3, you will learn when to use coaching and explore a Work Integrated Learning scenario. We will also remind you about how to set goals and then introduce some of the common coaching mistakes before you put eFIRE into practice.