The Edge on Innovation

Create. Activate. Collaborate.

This suite of modules aims to support the development of enterprise and entrepreneurial capabilities through work integrated learning experiences, such as projects or placements. It will help you to develop relevant skills and knowledge such as how to

  • recognise opportunities for entrepreneurship as well as innovation within organisations
  • protect your intellectual and creative efforts; and
  • pursue collective potential through coaching.

Selecting a module

For industry, the Coaching for Success module will be most relevant. This module is designed to help you develop capabilities for supporting students during work integrated learning.

For students involved in work integrated learning experiences, these modules are tightly interconnected. If you identify an opportunity to solve a complex problem, you will likely want to protect your solution while getting help from others. The recommended sequence for completing the modules is:

  • Opportunity recognition
  • Intellectual property principles
  • Intellectual property in commercial settings; and then
  • Coaching for success.

However, the sequence in which you progress through these modules can be changed according to your needs: you may equally choose to understand which forms of IP can be protected, such that you can keep those protections in mind before identifying for opportunities. Likewise, you may find opportunities by first reaching out to coaches and mentors who can also give you some guidance on IP.

Please note that this site will not remember or track your progress or store any personal data.

If you have come to this site through your studies and/or a work integrated learning experience at your University, you may be required to complete assessment separate to these modules. Please refer to your course or unit guidelines for more information.

The creation of these modules was made possible by a 2018 Excellence in Learning and Teaching grant from the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN).